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The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly altered our lives. For the last eight months, many of us have been cooped up at home, uncertain when we can get back to living normally again.

There are plenty of essential reasons why staying at home is still the best decision to make during this crisis. However, it doesn’t have to mean every day should be as miserable and as toxic as the next. If you’re fortunate to have your own backyard at home, there are plenty of opportunities to make it your peaceful haven—a getaway in your garden to induce some peace.

Here are simple ways to spazz up your garden into your very own staycation spot.

Declutter First

A clearer mind starts with a cleaner space. If you want your backyard to become your home retreat, you’ll need to declutter to finally make room for creativity. Sweep away the debris like dried leaves, weeds, and clean up overgrown plants.

Take it a step further by “showering” your backyard pavement or any other concrete areas you can wash away some years-long dirt and dust off. Wipe down. those pots, raised beds, bird houses and furniture. We guarantee this part of the process is already fulfilling in itself.

Work with What you’ve Got

You don’t always have to buy new things to dress up your backyard. The beauty of this home project is you can use what you’ve got, from old furniture made into something new to having the rest of your family get crafty. It’s a fantastic mental exercise that could get your mind off things for some time.

So go around your house and see what you can find. This may also be the time for you to finally declutter and freshen up the inside of your home.

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Add some Drama with Lighting

Sometimes, lighting is all you need to completely change the look and feel of a space. Creating a staycation spot in your backyard can also mean turning to mood lighting. The best part? It doesn’t have to be expensive.

Buy some fair lights and repurpose some old mason jars if you have them lying around. Put the lights in the jar and immediately see how the ambiance in your backyard suddenly improves. Moreover, you can also get your hands on some LED strips that can light your pathways or be installed under furniture for a more hush-hush effect. There are also plenty of solar lights you can buy from the market nowadays.

Throw some Shade

Shade not only adds protection and a little nook of cozy in your backyard. It also adds some style to your garden. Before you have anything customized or bought from the store, see if you can repurpose some old functional fabric you can utilize as shade. Make them drape for maximum effect.

It’s the little touches!

Tiny details make for big impact if you want to turn your backyard into your very own staycation spot. There are plenty of things you can add, be it a hammock, a fireplace, a minibar, cozy seating or even an outdoor tub!

The key is to know exactly what theme you want to incorporate, so you can get inspired and won’t get overwhelmed.

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